“Saving Light”

The song I’ve been listening to on repeat for hours has been “Saving Light” by Gareth Emery and Standerwick, featuring the vocals of HALIENE. My blog might sometimes seem like a Gareth Emery fan page, but there is a reason why Gareth Emery has always been my favorite. In his first Monstercat release, Gareth Emery has partnered with DitchtheLabel.org to fight bullying. Only after listening to this track for hours on end, have I finally watched the music video. During his Electric for Life podcast, Gareth had warned his viewers that it was impossible not to cry while watching the music video, and he was not wrong because I have been choking back tears, with my heart completely open for the children in this world who are bullied everyday so drastically leading them to want to end their lives.

As you remember from my previous blog post where Gareth Emery puts down rankings (and for a good reason, too), rankings don’t define who a person is or how good their music is. You can read that article here. However, “Saving Light” landed No. 1 on Beatport’s Top 10 Chart, and as the first trance track which has been at the top for 5 years, I’m extremely proud.

Just from music downloads, music streaming, and music video views, Gareth Emery was already able to donate $2000 to Ditch the Label. Ditch the Label is a non-profit organization in UK that uses campaigns to promote against bullying, and partnering with a DJ to create a powerful music video and song was part of that execution. This music video is intended to help victims of bullying become empowered and gain self-esteem. Regardless, I love to see a real DJ with a heart who uses his talents creating music to spread awareness of everyday causes.

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