Gareth Emery #EFL100

Can we please talk about how great Gareth Emery’s 100th episode of his radio show Electric for Life is? This is his 100th episode since launching this new live radio show, his previous show being the “Gareth Emery podcast,” which he revamped.  This podcast is filled with songs from his album “100 Reasons to Live” as well as the remix album “1000 Reasons to Live.”

I have so much love for this English trance DJ and shamelessly rewind this podcast over and over again just to re-listen to one song. His humbleness publicly announced in 2013 regarding the DJ Mag Top 100 list:

“So here’s an alternative Top 100 message: Don’t vote for me. Seriously, when you buy a ticket to see me in a club, I consider that a vote. When you blast my music in your car, or share it on Facebook, or tell your friends about it, that’s a vote too. Those votes, and the amazing support you’ve shown over the last year, is what matters to me.”

So that’s it Gareth, you have my vote 🙂 Listen to the podcast


And for those who doubt DJs have musical talents…


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