Borgeous New Album Vibes ’13’

I was listening to House of Borgeous Episode 079 while at work, which also happened to be Borgeous’ new album takeover, much to my delight since I was waiting the whole day to go home and listen to his new album. The result was Borgeous’ long awaited album “13” which finally come out on August 13 on Armada after 9 months of hard work. The DJ is well-known for his club bangers such as “Tsunami” and one of my personal favorites (my raver’s anthem) “They Don’t Know Us.” However, Borgeous says in an interview with Las Vegas Weekly that

“This sound and direction was geared toward something you can play driving to the beach, just throw it on and vibe.”

So give it a try and get a taste. Listen to the album while you work.

DJ Snake’s First and Last Album?


DJ Snake has come a long way since his hit single “Turn Down for What”, with smash after smash including “Get Low”, “You Know You Like It”, “Middle”, and “Propaganda.”  I wasn’t expecting this album at all, because after so many singles, I had at least expected an EP before a full artist album. To my happiness, Snake recently released his 2-year baby “Encore” on Interscope Records and claimed on his Twitter that it was his first and last album.  I read the tweet a few days ago, and tried to get the screenshot to put in this post, but was not able to find it today, potentially due to the controversy around his statement. Cementing the position of Number 1 on Billboard’s top Dance/Electronic Album chart, Snake’s new album really grabbed the attention of the public. One of the songs “Let Me Love You” in his debut album features Justin Bieber, an increasingly present pillar in the electronic dance music industry. Check out his new album, because it may be his last…

The album cover art represents the two facets of his life, Africa and France.

Party Favor EP “Party & Destroy”

Check Out Party Favor’s new EP “Party & Destroy” featuring artists such as Dillon Francis, Gent & Jawns, Sean Kingston, Rich the Kid, Gucci Mane, and Georgia Ku. Under the umbrella of Mad Decent, Party Favor or Dylan Ragland produces festival trap anthems, some of his most notable songs being “Bap U” and “Booty Loose”. This EP showcases his immense talent, as Party Favor has performed at major festivals worldwide such as Tomorroworld, Ultra, EDC, Lollapallooza, and Coachella as well as Mad Decent’s block parties.

To get a teaser of the album, listen to a 2 minute clip of the album here on his website where you can download the mix as well.


Mad Decent Block Party Brooklyn Day 1

The Review for Mad Decent Block Party Brooklyn Day 1 is in and it was an event for the books:


Security: By the time I got there at 7, there was no line and we were ushered into the venue fairly quickly. We were patted down and had to take off our shoes and socks. They looked within our purses, but they had managed to miss the hand sanitizer and lip gloss I had brought along. Meanwhile, I saw that they had confiscated multiple lipsticks and packages of gum.

Weather: There was an inclement weather warning where it rained for a good half an hour around 5pm, during which the event was at a standstill. Luckily, I was so hungover from the night before that I was still driving to Brooklyn so by the time I got there when Tory Lanez was performing, the sun was out and the stadium seats were dry. It was the perfect timing.

Venue: MCU park was the perfect venue for a block party. There were ample awnings where the food and beer was sold, perfect for when it hailed that day. The bathrooms never had a line because there were so many stalls. Plenty of stadium seating allowed concert goers to eat and drink, relax and enjoy the music from a distance, able to see the crowd and have a nice view of the stage from the comfort of a seat.


Food/Drink: There were plenty of food vendors and beer carts. The block party was sponsored by Bud Light, with a beer being a standard $8.50 along with other mixed drinks such as margaritas. Nathan’s Hot Dogs sold their famous hot dogs as well as their chicken tenders and fries. There were also risotto balls and ice pops. It was a great sight seeing someone double fisting two beers, taking a sip and spitting out the foam as he walked. Lovely! Around the stage, people walked around selling beers, water, and ice pops. HUGE downfall though, to my surprise they cut off the beer at 9pm. I was extremely disappointed that we as concertgoers were not warned that alcohol service stopped early.


Culture: Diplo is infamous for his Mad Decent label throwing block parties all over the US, as well as boat parties, and the newly announced beach party. He was the first DJ/business man to ban the attire and paraphernalia that people imagine about when they think about raves and festivals. Kandi (the color bracelets that ravers exchange with each other), LED lights/gloves, hoops, banners/signs, totems, masks, pacifiers, etc., were among the items prohibited. The emphasis of his parties are truly on the talent and the music, with nothing else to distract from the main point. That’s how it should be.


Artists: Dillon Francis and Diplo ended the night. Dillon Francis’s set was amazing, with comedic backdrops like febreeze. Diplo’s set started with a ratchet drop and it was drop after drop after drop, until suddenly it mellowed out before he ended with a bang. It was truly a night for the books. The energy in the crowd was uplifting with people shuffling and enjoying themselves on the dance floor as well as near the food stands and in the stadium seats.