Highlights of EDC Las Vegas

I missed EDC Las Vegas. Again. No worries,

  1. Marshmello trolls crowd by pretending to reveal himself but it’s actually Tiesto. I actually believed Tiesto was behind Marshmello’s identity for 10 seconds, then realized that I was being ludicrous.
  2. BassPOD Stage literally catches on fire because of a pyrotechnic device. Talk about pyro gone bad…and here I was thinking that the fire was part of the stage.
  3. Anna Lunoe and Alison Wonderland become the first solo female DJs to perform mainstage at EDC.
  4. Sad festival goers are turned away at the gate because of counterfeit wristbands. My heart broke for them. Moral of the story: don’t buy tickets from sources not to be trusted.¬†Only ever buy tickets from the original ticket provider.
  5. Paris Blohm raving with the crowd even though he has performed at EDC before. He started out as a fan and he’ll never stop being a fan even with all his fame.
  6. Ravers showing their love and support after the tragic Orlando shooting and uniting together
  7. KSHMR’s set literally blows out the speakers during his set Saturday morning. Poor KSHMR, even a few minutes of silence cannot hold his fan base down. I would have stayed for the former ex-Catarac.
  8. No one died. That’s actually great news for a festival of this magnitude.

Maybe one day we will be headliners uniting under the electric sky. But for now, we’re just broke. Peace

Tiesto the troll:

BassPOD is lit:

Catch the sets here: