I have been enjoying a free two-month trial of SiriusXM satellite radio. Basically, I can listen to my podcasts without having to plug my phone in and ensuring that my phone’s app “Podcast Addict” is consistently downloading all of my favorite DJ podcasts, which is more difficult than you think. Recently, Electric Area has been exclusively streaming Electric Daisy Carnival New York live, and I was thrilled to listen to my favorites like Dash Berlin and Yellow Claw. I was even more pleased to listen to an interview with Jauz, a twenty-two year old DJ who is already playing Electric Daisy Carnival New York. Sam Vogel aka Jauz started making music early, but specifically delved into electronic music as a 15-16 year old. A few short years later and he is already playing alongside greats like Diplo and Skrillex, performing at huge events like Insomniac’s Audio on the Bay, Life is Beautiful, Mad Decent Block Party, and this past weekend, Electric Daisy Carnival. Native to Northern California, my beloved home, Jauz is an inspiration to all of us who are aspiring to be something great.

I don’t see his climb up the electronic dance music ladder slowing down any time soon. The music he produces and the sounds he plays cannot be put into a category. His music defies boundaries and incorporates many elements of music such as trap, house, hip-hop, and dubstep. DJs like Excision, Skrillex, and Datsik have inspired him. Jauz claims his name is an inside joke, and says that it has nothing to do with Jaws or sharks. Regardless, it is inevitable that fans are calling themselves the Shark Squad. I am looking forward to his EP.

Meanwhile, listen to one of his recent singles “Rock the Party” because I am loving his style.


KSHMR’s new EP “The Lion Across the Field”

KSHMR, aka┬áNiles Hollowell-Dhar, has put out a new EP called the “The Lion Across the Field.” I have been listening to KSHMR for the past few years, raving to songs like the epic “Burn” and “No Heroes” and recently “Dead Man’s Hand” and “Secrets.” He has come a long way from being part of the duo the Cataracs. I was so intrigued by the song “Burn” and was excited to learn that a member of the Cataracs had produced it. A few years ago in my undergraduate years even before I discovered my love of electronic music, I was a huge fan of the Cataracs. I danced to songs like “All You”, “On Top of the World”, “Big Dipper”, “Bass Down Low”, and so many other countless party anthems. When I found out that my school had brought the Cataracs to perform at a free concert, I was elated. However, a few days before they were scheduled to perform, the duo had broken up. I was torn, thinking that I would no longer be able to experience their talent. I was glad to learn that KSHMR lives on as an amazing DJ who puts out great records on the label Spinning Records.

He has been putting out singles for years, and he has finally put out an EP, which includes the hits “Wildcard” and “Touch.” Enjoy this album and turn it up.