Avicii is Retiring from the Tour Life

I was sad to hear that Avicii was retiring, with this year’s tour dates being his last time performing live. However, as long as he is still producing music, I am extremely happy for him. To be able to confidently announce his decision at the age of 26 of his retirement from the “excitement” that all the other DJs partake in takes a lot of courage and strength.┬áIn Avicii’s statement, he hopes to continue making music, live his life, and most importantly focus on his health.

This is a bittersweet moment for me. The first rave I ever went to was to see him at a Homecoming concert at my school. I only knew the songs “Levels” and in preparation for the concert, I listened to a lot of electronic dance music, all through Spotify. I have no words for the rave. This rave changed my life, and I became an electronic dance music enthusiast and a broke raver girl. He opened my eyes to a new world, a new lifestyle, and subsequently acted as a propellant which fostered my love for electronic dance music. I am forever grateful for him. Over the years, I watched his music style and signature evolve into something that makes me so proud. From traditional electronic to what I like to call country electronic and rock electronic, his journey to discover his music style and branch out from what is considered mainstream makes him one of my favorite artists. I wish Avicii the best.