Rain Man makes his Debut

Rain Man, who used to be the third member of the popular DJ group Krewella, has recently premiered an amazing song showing his sound. “Bring back the Summer” with OLY’s vocals was released on Steve Aoki’s label “Dim Mak Records.” The song has some tropical and trap vibes, and I love it.

For those who need a refresher, Rain Man left the group Krewella. I don’t like to make judgments without all the information, especially since the Krewella sisters and Rain Man have different stories therefore I will not comment on what happened. Regardless of what occured, Rain Man is doing well by himself, and I can arguably say that more of his potential will shine if he produces and performs solo.


Highlights of Ultra Music Festival

We all know that Miami Music Week in March kicks off the start of the long-awaited festival season. As a diehard raver, I hope to be able to attend MMW and Ultra Miami next year. For this year, I had to content myself with dancing in my apartment alone to the Ultra live stream on Twitch.

Here are some of the highlights in no particular order:

  • MAKJ getting the crowd to chant “Fuck Trump” at Ultra Music Festival’s mainstage after seeing a raver’s sign proclaiming this opinion. Multiple DJs also talked politics, such as the Chainsmokers who talked about how they didn’t support Donald Trump. My personal opinion? Don’t talk politics at Ultra.
  • Deadmau5 playing two sets because The Prodigy had to pull out last moment
  • ASOT stage, so we could see Armin on mainstage as well as a separate set of him at the ASOT stage
  • Hardwell’s new unreleased tracks, including his dabble into the hardstyle genre with his new song “Wake Up Call” which closed the night for Day 2. What are your opinions? Should Hardwell stick to progressive house and big room? Absolutely not, I’m in love.
  • University of Miami student dying on Day 1 of Ultra, reasons currently unknown. When most people see headlines of people dying at raves, they always assume it’s a drug overdose and that’s when the heartless comments pour in. Regardless of the reason, a young life was lost and this causes for mourning and increased awareness. A weekend that they were probably looking forward to for the entire year led to the end of their life. Rest in peace.
  • Apparently, Avicii borrowed a macbook charger from the crowd and it gets returned. I will never be able to verify this. But whoever lent their charger was possibly a hero.
  • Dada Life leaves behind a 9 meter inflatable banana for the first person who finds it at a location in Miami. I wish I could have that champagne soaked banana. Wouldn’t they be surprised when I pulled that out at their next show where I arrived beautiful and left ugly?


Let’s not forget about all the new IDs and music that we heard. Below is a list of all of the DJ sets from Ultra thanks to a fan. The songs that you hear today may be released tomorrow, or maybe even two years later.

Ultra baby. Until next year.

DIY Rave Bras

I love looking at rave bras. Admittedly, I follow multiple accounts on Instagram just to look at the different designs of rave bras. One of my favorites is Electric Laundry, a company started in 2011 that creates high quality custom rave outfits. Their rave bras are handmade, extremely detailed, and gorgeous. However, they are also phenomenally expensive. Until you can afford these masterpieces (which you should definitely treat yourself to one day), feel free to make your own rave bra. As your broke raver girl, I have made two DIY rave bras for less than $30.

First, buy a cheap bra. Go to Walmart and get a $5 bra. You don’t need a Victoria’s Secret bra. I can’t even afford to wear Victoria’s Secret on a daily basis, let alone at one festival for three days. Once you cover the bra with glue and feathers, sequins, rhinestones, glitter, and pearls, you won’t be able to see the bra anyways.

Decide on a theme. One of mine’s was a peacock theme. The other was a basic flower bra. Let’s run through the flower bra. I bought a huge bag of rhinestones of different sizes and colors and used fabric glue to glue each one on individually. I then decided that using a glue gun was easier and less messy. The glue gun is your friend. Line the rhinestones on the edge of the bra, either straight across the bottom, straight across the top, or straight across the bottom on one cup and straight across the top on the other cup. Oh you want to use rhinestones of different sizes and different colors? Make a pattern. Buy fake flowers. Pull the flowers off the stems. Glue those on. Do you want to line the flowers along the edge of the bra? Go ahead and do that. Do you want to put a large flower in the middle of the bra? Go ahead and do that as well. So the flowers look plain? Bling them up. Put on the rhinestones which already have sticky backs. Glue on sequins. Or spray on glitter. Let’s make something dangle from the bra. Buy a string of pearls or string of beads of any sort.

And there you go. A basic DIY rave bra which is affordable for the broke ravers of this world. All the materials you need can be found at a craft store.

Materials: bra, glue gun, fabric glue, rhinestones, sequins, glitters, fake flowers, beads

This is just a basic guide. But feel free to be creative. Do you want an ocean theme? Use shells, pearls, sand (glitter). Do whatever your heart desires. This is a perk of making things yourself.

Ookay & YDG – Pop it Off

I recently started listening to Borgeous’ House of Borgeous weekly podcast. I’m not sure why I wasn’t listening before, I love all of his music dearly and follow him vigorously on social media. I have also seen him DJ at Space Ibiza NY. Based off his social media, Borgeous is not just a pair of deep blue eyes and a wealth of talent, he cares deeply about his fans. He is notorious for meeting his fans before and after his many shows to interact and take photos with them. On twitter, he is constantly retweeting and replying to his fan’s tweets. On his podcast, he answers phone calls and talks to his fans on a weekly basis. That’s what I love about Borgeous. Be sure to check out some of my favorite songs by him such as “Zero Gravity”, “Souls”, “They Don’t Know Us” and of course one of the songs that introduced me to him, “Tsunami.” From his latest podcast, I present to you one of the many gems from his House of Borgeous on Sirius XM episode 056, Ookay & YDG – Pop it Off. Enjoy.